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Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Harmonia The Club.

Frequently Asked Questions:


HARMONIA THE CLUB is an Adult Day Care Center, which provides structured socialization and health monitoring for our members, as well as respite for caregivers. We serve seniors in the Collier and Lee Counties, who cannot be safely left alone, who demonstrate a decline in cognitive functioning, or who are just in need of increased socialization. 

Opening hours

Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm. 

We will gladly discuss possibility of extra opening hours to accommodate the needs of all our members.

Please, feel free to contact us for further information using our Contact form:

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What is the best way to contact HARMONIA?

Choose from various ways the one which suits you best.

Find your preferable way HERE - Our Contact page.

What types of activities are members involved in?

We provide a daily activity schedule and special events calendar. The daily activity schedule provides details about the programs throughout the day. We have time set aside for social hour, current events, group and individual activities (crafts, baking, games, etc.), health updates, and more. Our day also includes exercise and movement and nutritious meals. We participate in the community by hosting different performance groups from the area.

You can also check our Month activities during this month.

Can I drop my loved one off whenever I need a rest?

Only if your loved one is already our member, but at HARMONIA THE CLUB, we ask that our members attend on a regular basis. This not only develops a schedule for your loved one, but it also helps them to establish a relationship with the staff and other members. A member may choose to attend every day or just a few half-days a week. Twenty-four hour notice is required for a cancellation. And with notice, often a member may change their scheduled day to attend.

Not our member yet?

Let's enroll - it is quick and easy plus we will help you with the whole procedure.

What does the enrollment process involve?
To enroll in our program, an enrollment interview needs to be scheduled in order for the Executive Director and Nurse to meet with the prospective members. This meeting takes approximately 45 minutes. This meeting involves an overview of the program, including our mission, admission criteria, discharge criteria, physician forms, and daily activities. We also conduct a quick assessment to ensure that our services are appropriate for the prospective member.

Important information:

Before a member begins services with us, we need to have a Physician’s Order form, completed by the primary care physician, testing for Tuberculosis (results included), and the enrollment paperwork. Information and forms will be provided during the enrollment interview.

Let's schedule your enrollment interview now:
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Who am I leaving my loved one with?

Our staff consists of the following qualified personnel

 Executive Director

 Social Worker

 Nurse (LPN)

 Activity Director


Who do I call when I need to talk to someone at HARMONIA THE CLUB?

Please feel free to reach us at:   239-234-4608 

Or you can scan this QR code to your Smart Phone and save all our contact information for later:

How many days should my loved one attend?

We recommend as many days as possible, with the minimum of two per week. That will help to your loved one to deal better with the new environment and get used to our staff and other members on more frequent basis.

Our safe and a lively environment with stimulating programs enhances the well-being for both caregiver & loved.

Check out Month activities during this month.

How do I make a payment for services?

The payment can be made either:

1. via check, made out to HARMONIA THE CLUB, which can be dropped at our facility HARMONIA THE CLUB


2. by your bank card - personally at our facility HARMONIA THE CLUB.

How do we protect our members and staff during Covid-19?

We take current situation very seriously. 

HARMONIA THE CLUB follows all the CDC recommendations and guidelines to keep our members, families, employees and community safe.  Family members can be sure that their loved one is in a safe environment.

If you have any other questions or you need a consultation,

please, do not hesitate and contact us now:

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