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June 2024

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"My husband has been attending Harmonia The Club since it opened and has spent many happy hours there. 

The large size of the facility, the safety protocols, the activities 

and the caring and attentive staff make it a top notch Adult Day Care Center."

Joan - Naples, Florida


During these uncertain times with COVID-19, our facility has taken all the CDC recommendations with social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands to keep our families, employees, and community safe. 

Our policies and procedures have been approved by our licensing agency. 

Family members can be sure that their loved one is in a safe environment.

We use new air sanitizer and purifier system 

Cleans, disinfects the air and helps fight bacteria and viruses.

The proven antiviral and antibacterial properties of UV light are employed in this air purifier.

Kills up to 99% of all known bacteria and viruses in the air.

Disinfects the air in the room and makes it safe for humans and animals.

Closed - type device. It can be used in the presence of people, animals, and plants.

Air is disinfected by recirculation through the UV light. 

The UV light is blocked by the device and remains dangerous only for germs in the air. 

(source: all text and all information above is from the manufacturer web page: www.airuvpurifier.com, REMO ELECTRONICS)